November 09, 2016

Haji Lane (STS goes to SG)

Halloween in Singapore. It was a short trip yet remarkable! In this post I'm going to share about my Haji Lane experience. 

 First we visited the catholic church near Queen Street. My mom would always tell me that if its your first visit in any church one should make a wish. And I did. And believe it or not one of my wishes was granted!

 Everyone I know that goes to Singapore opt to go to this tiny hidden gem in the Muslim quarter and I've read so much about Haji Lane so I didn't hesitate to add this up to my itinerary and see it for myself.

 How to get there: 
Take the East-West line, alight Bugis MRT then exit Victoria Street. Once outside, face right and keep walking straight along Victoria Street. Then turn right onto Ophir Street, left at North Bridge Road and finally, right onto Haji Lane. 

 The door matches my outfit haha

 I was planning to visit the place in the afternoon to witness the little fan fare but gnarly we don"t have much time. 

 The small and hippie neighborhood has been very famous lately for tourists. It's a good place to take artsy photos for your instagram. 
 The lane actually feels more like an art to me than a fashionista's paradise.We visited too early though, no shops nor cafe were open at 9am. 

 But the perks of going too early? NO PHOTO BOMBERS we got lucky. I enjoyed posing since no one was watching. Hihi *O*

We'll be visiting again soon (hopefully) to taste the food and shop for unique finds <3 Anyways bye for now! Will be posting more soon stay tuned. 

Photographed by: Alan  processed by me.