July 21, 2016

Do I wanna know?

Trying to get back on my senses! Yay I’m so back, I’ve been wandering a lot the past few months and I regret not doing the only thing I’m sure of which is “blogging”. If you’re an avid reader of this blog you’ll notice my on and off days. I have months that I’m very active and there are months that I just don't care (or maybe I went cray cray over things). Almost seven months of not writing and just spacing out was not worth it I know. But I still hope someone is still reading this despite my “on hiatus phase”. Anyways here's a simple outfit for my bloooog. 

I like to keep it casual (or im just lazy to put out everything out in my closet and look for something that make heads turn but nah)
Bag from: Plethora 

I'm also wearing contact lenses from LensFlavors.com you can get the same exact pair of lenses that I'm wearing here. They offer a large variety of lenses to choose from. Plus the shipping is free. They have prescription lenses, to cosplay lenses, astigmatism and a lot more. What I also love about wearing their lenses is that it's very comfortable and doesn't dry like most lenses out there. I give it a 4.8/5 rating! Thumbs up thanks for adding spice in my eyes ~.~

Like their FACEBOOK and follow them on INSTAGRAM for updates. 

Ciao :)