December 03, 2015

Click Play: The Social Media Festival 2015 (I'm still not over it)

Click Play is a whole day social media festival dedicated to both inspiring and aspiring online content creators. This festival will serve as an avenue of interaction that will encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences on current digital trends and techniques among its attendees. Click Play is set to entertain with exclusive performances, interviews and on-stage fun and games

Sooooooo, up until now I'M NOT OVER IT. Still can't believe its over :( I still have this PCD (post concert depression). This post is dedicated to my "FEELS" because of my experience. It happened on November 22,2015 at SMX Convention Center. There's actually no perfect words to describe what I felt during that day. It was fun and unforgettable and not very similar to the events I've been to. This one is way too different in so many levels because I got to meet Ryan Higa (my love since first year highschool <3) and Ki Hong Lee (Minho from Maze Runner), and yes I'm one of those few lucky people who won on their Meet and Greet Giveaways. (You can still see my entry on my Instagram account) 
The show started at 6pm but I was already there since morning for the meet and greet sesh (I arrived at the venue 8am to be exact) I know guys, I waited too long but It was all worth it. 
I don't have decent photos (bear with me) didn't bring my DSLR in the event (hassle kaya!)
So the show started with Sam and Colby! I actually don't know them not until the event. They were really cute though and charming. 
Haha it feels weird writing descriptions. Anyways Cimorelli was so fun to watch! They were very energetic.
Ki Hong Lee didn't run okay? He was just interviewed by Sam Oh and played a game with a fan. Such a cutie :)
David Choi!!!!! He was beautiful (yup I used that word to describe him) he was really down to earth and it feels like an angel is singing you a lullaby.  I love his voice so much. Hearing him live is so much better I swear. I was so close to crying haha!
Tun tun tun tun! May I present to you guys the one and only RYAN HIGA *screams* I have a better view at the back so I stayed there. I don't want to get hurt in front haha it's a real example of love from a distance, what really mattered is that I was there watching him. I was smiling the whole time *ngiting aso* lol and it's been a while since I felt "kilig" over someone (srsly talking) so happy to see Derrick and Sean as well. Too bad they didn't bring Greg and Will with them T.T Best crew was bomb! So giddy to see them performed live. 
My version of best crew. So blessed to meet these girls at the event (perks of going alone is meeting new friends *wink*) From Left to Right: Ate Cams, Jazz, Coleen, Ate Rose and Ate Cheska! Ate Eira was not in the photo T.T 
I also got to meet my internet friend that I met on tumblr! (Hi EDEN!) It was nice meeting you finally after 54967898 years. 

Danger: Kalandian photos below
*Screamsssssssssssssssssssss* Yup I  still get kilig whenever I see photos of us together. Surreal! We look so cute together haha <3
Sean and Derrick! 
       The meet and greet experience was indelible. I had the chance to actually talk to Ryan for a few minutes. After 7 years of waiting for this day to come I was just given 9 minutes to meet him. Not bad right? Haha will not talk about what happened in that short span of time It's our dirty little secret chos. *wink*

                               Best hug ever T.T
Ki Hong the great.

             The event was successful kudos Karpos. (Oh that rhymed )

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