October 22, 2015


Hi guys! Its been awhile since I last had a giveaway in this blog. But thanks to Blippo for making this giveaway possible. 

             Here's the list of prizes: 

OMG keychain 

                 Fluffy Pastel Purse

                Puffy Panda Stickers 

Mechanics and things you must know before joining:
*The giveaway is open WORLDWIDE!
*You should leave your name, email address, twitter and instagram username below .
* More entries, more chances of winning!

Good Luck everyone! 

October 09, 2015

Fremont Street Experience (Las Vegas, NV)

Up until now I still have this post-LV trip depression. It's really hard to write about my US adventures because there's like a lot to tell but at the same time I just want to keep it to myself, you know what they say " What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" but I love you guys too much so I'm going to share my experience with you *wink*. I stayed in Vegas for two weeks and I really enjoyed it. 
Fremont is the old Vegas, if you're old school and just wanna have fun I recommend going here. You'll enjoy the non stop visual display and street performers, they also have free concerts,.

Look at that ceiling light display! They also have an overhead zip line, I didn't got the chance to try it though because the line was massive :( and I don't want to spend all my time just waiting in line right? So might as well make the most of it. 

Fremont Street Experience is a five-block entertainment district in historic downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. Fremont Street Experience provides pedestrian access to some of the city’s most iconic casinos, more than 60 restaurants, shops and retail kiosks, and welcomes more than 17 million visitors each year. 
If you're not into gambling but still want to experience what Vegas has to offer this is the perfect place!
Guess who!

And there's also a lot of big balls haha

Ate Rose and Kuya George! Miss this lovely couple so much they're one of the main reasons why I enjoyed my nights in Vegas. Looking forward to see you guys again real soon. It's so nostalgic seeing your picture. Good times doesn't always happen everyday so when it does, don't forget to write about it, take pictures and just have fun, so that one day you'll look back and remember everything even the feeling. Keep the good memories :)

This boneless guy is really familiar right? I've been seeing him on instagram pictures and other blogs.

That's it. Fremont is a lot of fun, there's so much stuff to do and a lot to see like half naked and crazy people. This place is better than strip (for me) its also cheaper and budget friendly. But be very cautious about the people around you there's a lot of drunkards in the area. It's a sin city after all.

October 05, 2015

" BluMarble "

BluMarble is located in the heart of Las Vegas and re-purposes 15,000 bottles from the Las Vegas Strip on a monthly basis.

I recently ordered their Absolut Tumbler and fell in love with it. They take those Patron, Grey Goose, Kettle One, Jameson, Belvedere, Bombay Sapphire and other liquor, beer and wine bottles and cut, shape, sand,and sometimes melt them into beautiful works of art. They transform these bottles into vases, rocks glasses, tumbler glasses, cheese plates, nut jars,pendant lighting and all kinds of amazing home decor.

For leaders in the Upcycling movement checkout blumarble.com. BluMarble, saving the enviornment through conscious culture movements and a keen eye for design.

Go check the site for more awesome products

Do check out also their social media accounts:

October 02, 2015

Bicol Bloggers for Emerging Influential Blogs 2015

We're really happy and blessed that Bicol Bloggers has been nominated to be one of the Top Emerging Influential Bloggers for year 2015. This writing project that seeks in identifying new and emerging blogs who are making an impact to its readers in the year 2014.

Here are my personal top picks for this year Top Emerging Influential Bloggers:

1.Bicol Bloggers  - A group of people who wants to promote Bicol through their blogs and social media accounts. Bicol Bloggers amplify the voice of the region and bring the world closer to Bicol. Their site also serves as your one stop site to read some of the latest posts of the most active bloggers in the Bicol Region. 
2. Nagayon -Nagayon's main objective is to promote Naga and it's brands and people. Their directory is very helpful to local and international tourists that wants to know more about Naga and have an idea where to dine or what to do during their stay in Naga, 
3. BizH20 This blog aims to create a site where there would be various information, tips and other materials that would guide existing and new business. It's also a guide to entrepreneurs out there. 
4. Pilipinas Daily - This blog talks about news, current events, entertainment and lifestyle. They write with whole honesty and integrity. They also do product reviews!
5. Dugout Philippines - The online portal highlights the latest sports news locally and internationally. 

To know more about this writing project and how to join CLICK HERE

October 01, 2015

The Avenue Plaza "Naga's Internationally Renowned Hotel"

Some establishments aim for excellence. The Avenue Plaza Hotel, defines excellence and lives it. And yes Avenue Plaza Hotel is true to their words. I've been to a lot of hotels but nothing beats Avenue for making you feel at home and pampered. Relaxation at it's finest! Your home away from home I must say. 

They also added more feathers to its burgeoning cap when 3 more awards from national and international award-giving bodies: The Golden Globe Award for business Excellence, Global Trade Leaders Club and Lianorg. (As a bicolano I'm so proud that we have a good hotel like Avenue Plaza Hotel in our region) 

They had personalized card and Pili tarts on the table to welcome you. *O*

Stayed in Avenue Plaza Hotel with my co-bloggers for our staycation we also had the chance to taste their latest culinary offers at Cafe Plazuela. Read about my separate blog post about it here 

Comfiest bed ever! You just want to lay there forever (Actually missing their bed right now) 

That shameless bathroom selfie lol

Everything was perfect. The friendly staff that actually make you feel the real meaning of hospitality, even the guards were smiling and very accommodating. And the internet was so fast and its free. We also had the chance to experience their massage service (it was my first time to have a full body massage) and it was awesome. It was very relaxing!

All in all it was a GREAT experience thank you so much Avenue Plaza Hotel for making us feel so important. There was never a time that I felt unimportant during our staycation that's a PLUS because most hotel staff in other establishments doesn't care about their guest after checking in. So thank you especially to Sir Jerome and Sir Allan for being so nice to us. I recommend this hotel to everyone who want's to relax and to our balikbayans out there that wants to visit Naga City. Avenue Plaza is indeed a place of highest quality of service!

Bicol Bloggers with Nagayon :) It was also nice meeting you guys. 

For more information and hotel reservations/booking you could visit their website:  http://www.theavenueplazahotel.com/