August 31, 2015

Flavours Gastronomica

Gastronomic "The Art of Eating"

Last August 29,2015 Bicol Bloggers were invited by Chef Gerald to have a taste of the prestigious food selection of Flavours. And I'm just so glad I was in Naga that time. Talk about the timing and luck. 

Flavours have a good food selection. Cuisine: They have American (New), American (Traditional), Asian Fusion, Breakfast, Brunch, Burgers, Filipino, French, Pizza, Sandwiches, Seafood, Steakhouses, Vegan and Vegetarian
Aside from that, the place is just so comfy, the interior feels like you're in some other place and its white so from the moment you enter the restaurant it feels so refreshing and clean. 

European tea pots *O* reminds me of Alladin   
For the vegetarians out there they serve different kinds of Salad that you'll definitely enjoy. Chef's sister's salad is my fave! 
Cinammon Pork Kebab (Grilled Pork flavoured with cinammon ) They used tangglad (sugar cane) as skewers that made the pork more flavorful and sweet. And it smells good! 
  Grilled Salmon with garlic and herbs (served with aioli and green salads)

Baked Salmon Crusted Pesto (served  with aioli and green salads)
Baby back ribs! Drools T.T
They also have different kinds of pasta. They have Olive oil pasta (Flavours signature pasta, Vongole, Crevettes and Basil, Red Pepper Pesto, Seafood Pesto, Spanish Sardines) They also have cream pasta (Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna, Beef Mushroom Lasagna, Flavours Mushrooms and Cream, Stroganoff) and Tomato Pasta (Spaghetti Bolognese, Fresh Tomatoes and Herbs )

They also have a large variety of milk shakes. They have Milky Pili, Chocolate Frost, Macha Green Tea, Cookie Butter, Choco-banana, Vanilla Milk Shakes, Oreo Cookie Milk shakes! They also have smoothies. A must try as well. 

For green tea lovers like me you can order Macha Green Tea Shake! Craving for it right now ughh can't wait to go back. Macha has always been my favorite ♥

Bicol Bloggers  with the person behind these awesome dishes thank you so much Chef Gerald!
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Flavours Gastronomica is located at CBD II, Naga City near SM Naga. 
Price Range: 200-400 pesos per person.