January 14, 2015


 It's my 18th birthday today wow a decade and eight. I'm getting older and it scares me A LOT. I mean I can't even imagine myself in my 20's, I don't know what will I be doing by that time I literally have no idea. Probably still a girl who blogs her thoughts out. So about this day mmmm, it was okay I didn't had a grand celebration because I spent all my mom's money on my birthday trip lol (still lazy to post about it) but I really am thankful to all the people who greeted me, to my family, relatives, blog readers and especially my friends you know who you are! Thank you for making this day special, thank you to all the people who's been there for me ever since. I will be forever grateful :)

Dress, Sunnies: Choies
Leather Jacket: Tidestore
Shoes: Forever 21