May 29, 2014

ROMWE Boho Paisley Pattern Romper

Let’s Paisley! Just go with the flow, feel the hipster mood. 
Love hippie style? If so, this Boho Paisley Romper will be your new BFF this summer! Go to beach or on a road trip, perfect for a music festival, concert or party. With just this one piece, you’ll become a hippie hipster. 

You can wear it anywhere you want, going to the beach to release your characteristics and form your own style. Boho Paisley Pattern Romper reflects a true side of your own!
$11.99 on May 29th, starting at 1:00AM(GMT), 24 hours only.
You will save 57%. 
Free shipping worldwide.   

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May 27, 2014

Back to School Outfit Ideas

Here are some "must-haves"  for the coming school year. I'm very particular to the things that I buy, it should be cheap, comfortable and has a great quality of course. Here are my personal picks, these items (from tidestore) can be use during wash days (for college students) hihi we should always be fashionable! Hope this would be helpful and will give idea to a lot of college girls out there.




Hope you like it, tell me what you think below ♥

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May 25, 2014

Blank Page

I'm in total blank today, I didn't know what to wear but came up with this outfit haha do you see my dilemma? I look like an Egyptian Goddess a rebel one though. Back to being grungy but with a little twist. I also love the colors of this outfit i love how they mix together and how eye catchy it is. After our shoot we went to the beach (it was unexpected) so people were staring at me since i'm wearing this kind of outfit. People were like: "wth, you wearing tights on the beach? are u kidding me" kind of looks. It was really funny seeing faces like that. One hella experience.

 Head Piece from: Lovely Breeze(Portugal online shop)
Got the head piece 3 weeks ago or 2? The owners are really friendly and approachable they also have a large variety of accessories including this one (its handmade), necklaces, sunnies and more! I'm in love with their product ♥♥ Visit their page for more. 

Photos by: Sam Abiog processed by me!

Can't wait for Ate Sam to post the photographs I took. She told me that it's been really her dream to have a sunset shoot we kinda nailed it haha will also post it here soon! 

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May 21, 2014

Sleepless Soul

For the past few months I've been literally a sleepless soul. I usually sleep at 3 am then sometimes doesn't sleep at all haa! (zombie mode), you can see the evidence in the photos. Hello eye bags haha but staying up late, blogging, working, meeting new people is worth it and who cares about the big eye bags right? Let's be proud of it lol ! -_-

  As you noticed i really don't post a lot of pictures of me smiling in my blog posts unless, I'm with a funny photographer.

Before ending this post I just want to thank all the people who keep on supporting me (my blog) especially to all my sponsors who believe in me and to what i can offer through blogging. I may not be the best but you guys chose me, so I really am thankful. Ohmy that sounded a little bit Nicholas Sparks-y lol. More reviews soon so stay tune!

Photos by: Kirk and processed by me.

Hope you like the photos, comment what you think below!
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May 13, 2014

Tide Store Wishlist

Tidestore offers cheap and affordable clothing but at the same time offers the high quality products that every buyer wants. They also offer custom made items that you need and suitable for you. All clothing's are made from top quality materials and go through rigorous inspection , they also offer quick-and-easy online purchasing process and a knowledgeable customer service team.

Here are some of their fab items which I really love! 

Click the links to view the product descriptions!

And there's more (check out these links):

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What do you think about my wishlist ? Comment below. 

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Cigarette Daydreams

I was listening to this song of Cage the Elephant entitled "Cigarette Daydreams" while processing the photos so I decided to make it the title of this post, its one of my favorite songs right now *u*. (You can listen to it here

Anyhoo vacation is almost over (boooooo!) and I wont be able to update this blog more often but I will try my best to make time just for blogging. Btw how was your summer? Mine was quite productive but most days I'm at home so I'm  really hoping for more events and photo shoots before the school year starts. 

Well about the outfit, I was back to being girly- girl again and it's kinda weird lol  I'm still in this phase where i appreciate grungy and odd style more but I'm glad i pulled this off.

What I wore: 
Cap and dress: Thrifted
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Wedge: Celine

Hope you like the photos comment what you think below! Anyways I hope you guys are having a good day!

May 09, 2014

Date in Daet 2014 (Day 2)

I've been to a lot of beaches and Apuao Grande Island Resort is one of the best I've ever been too. If you're looking for a serene and breathtaking scenery why not go here? It's an alternative for Boracay and Calaguas.

Before we went to Apuao we had our breakfast here in Good Chow the food was great especially their tinapa.

Apuao Grande Island Resort is a silently kept gem in Bicol, I always hear it being compared to Calaguas Island both are beautiful and i believe that every place has something special to offer and that makes it unique. The only difference is that Apuao Grande has more shorter travel time by sea so that means its more cheaper and if you really want that "Alone Time" with the white sand vibes i  recommend going here.

We also had a few sharing  to have an idea about each other. I'm talkative and jolly but in this kind of situation i shut off sorry i cant help it haha.

We always take things for granted but let's not forget that God gave us eyes to appreciate what He has given us, that even how chaotic the world may be the're still places like this that exist and make us realize that the place we live in is priceless and beautiful. Look around you, notice the little things and appreciate it :)

I wont ever forget this awesome weekend, I got to learn new stuff, meet new people and discover things. This is probably one of those moments you can treasure and i'm really proud to be a part of this advocacy campaign hope this wont be the last. I just want to thank Ate Apple for all the efforts and for making this possible and to all the people/establishments who sponsored us.


AM Snacks - KICK Milk Tea

Lunch - Bigg's Diner Daet SM Hypermart Branch
PM Snacks - #Kundalini Healthy Cuisine 
Dinner & other arrangements - Mayor Tito Sarte Sarion & LGU #Daet
Breakfast & Boat ride to Apuao Islands - LGU Mercedes 
Lunch - COP 
Dinner - Chef Mama 
Yummy Goodies & Gift Packs - Jannah's Pasalubong