November 30, 2014

Plus size fashion: Find the perfect swimwear

With fashion trends changing to accommodate all individual tastes and sizes, plus size clothing items are becoming widely acceptable, so it’s no surprise that swimwear designers have at last decided to please models with a more real-life figure. Goodbye, Barbies and Twiggies – the era of plus size has finally arrived. But how to choose an attractive swimsuit that does justice to your figure? Well, we have some tips for you right here so scroll down for more info.

Know your body - accentuate its attributes

When choosing your swimsuit, don’t rely solely on alluring designs and vivid colors to hide your body’s problem areas. Instead, try to accentuate your best bodily attributes to shift the focus from the problematic to the commendable. For example, if your hips are not as thin as you would like them to be, go with swimwear that draws attention to your bust and upper body, like swimwear with V-neckline or lush-colored tops. Or, if you don’t have a problem with the circumference of your waistline but your bust, however, is not all that generous volume-wise, pick the bathing suit that shows the slim lines of your waist in their best light, like a one-piece suit – this will certainly draw focus to your best parts instead of the anatomy you want to hide.

The power of colors and how to use it

If you don’t know it already, different colors can visually trim down your figure (or bump it up) and make you look slimmer and better-shaped. If you accentuate your best body features with bright-colored swimwear, your figure will look more attractive and more evenly contoured, and while darker colors will draw attention away from the areas you’re not so proud of. So, when choosing swimwear prints, be careful about the distribution of vivid and dim colors because these may also affect your physical appearance to a considerable extent.

Chose swimsuit that makes your body feel at home

You may not be proud of certain parts of your body, but that doesn’t mean that your physique should not enjoy the summer thrills. With too tight a top or overly loose bottom suit, you’re bound to look queasy, fidgety or subdued as you stroll down the promenade. But if you pick swimwear that’s comfortable and pleasant to wear, you’re also more likely to feel good on the beach – and if you’re at ease, your body language will show it. Don’t underestimate the impact of ease and smoothness of your motions on the viewer’s emotions: if you’re tense and squirmy, you’re sending the others a message to leave you alone, but if you’re acting all relaxed and casual, you’re more likely to be in the spotlight of your fellow bathers’ attention.

If you want to show off your body at its best next summer but with no sweat, diet, or gym sessions involved, you’d better watch out for the design, shapes, color patterns and comfiness of your swimwear – if accentuated properly, plus size can look great and it definitely is not a personality minus unless you see it that way.