November 30, 2014

Plus size fashion: Find the perfect swimwear

With fashion trends changing to accommodate all individual tastes and sizes, plus size clothing items are becoming widely acceptable, so it’s no surprise that swimwear designers have at last decided to please models with a more real-life figure. Goodbye, Barbies and Twiggies – the era of plus size has finally arrived. But how to choose an attractive swimsuit that does justice to your figure? Well, we have some tips for you right here so scroll down for more info.

November 14, 2014

Standing in the way of light

First post for the month of November! I was supposed to have a Halloween shoot but yeah let's just stick with this!

What i love about visiting my Mom's hometown is that I get to catch up and have accessible (good) places to shoot just near our place. 

 A little bit gypsy, edgy,classy and girly in one outfit, did I nail it ? Lol

Hope you like the photos!

Shoes: Tidestore
Black Felt Fedora Hat: Choies

Photographed by: Alan John

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