October 22, 2014

Tighten Up featuring TIDESTORE

 It's nice to go out and shoot again after the long rainy and busy weeks. Oh how I miss the sun, also a break from the screen which is obviously the hardest thing to do in our generation haha but hey you should go out sometimes, explore, and see things around you. You don't know what you guys are missing!

 I've been wanting to wear this shirt in my shoots and yay I had the chance to wear it na. It's from Ate Jem a lovely reader of mine from Naga.

 Bracelet from Summer Soul Gypsy (I already mention this lovely shop on my other blog post you can click here to know more about them)
Denim Skirt from TIDESTORE buy the exact skirt http://www.tidestore.com/product/Hot-Selling-Luxury-Slim-Big-Hem-Jeans-Skirt-10924208.html
 Socks from Kawaii Yen Shop
Creepers: Thrifted

And that's it, I hope you like this post!
Listen to Tighten Up by The Black Keys!

Photographed by: Jamie Borile