October 03, 2014

Forever Gypsy

Ipsy Gypsy today, I'm in love with earth colors especially brown which is one of my favorite colors ever since. If I could wear this kind of outfit everyday I would *grins* 

Yay a lot of smile shots in this post. (That's kind of unusual for me)

 I'm wearing a Ryder Feathered necklace from Summer Soul Gypsy this necklace made this post so special!

Ms. Christine (the lovely owner of Summer Soul Gypsy) was so generous for sending me some of their beautiful and labor of love handcrafted pieces. The owner was so so nice (srsly) no wonder why they have a large variety of people who fantasize their shop. Looking forward to meet her in person and thank her personally <3

Just a little info about their shop:
Summer Soul Gypsy is a Philippine based online boutique selling handcrafted bohemian inspired jewelry and accessories. The boutique carries jewelry and accessories that are modern bohemian and artisan pieces inspired by the arts, nature, music and cultures. It caters to women who are not only looking for beautiful, edgy boho pieces to complement their style, but also those who want to express their art-filled, free spirited yet modern lifestyle through the jewelry and accessories they wear. Having been strongly influenced by the seventies music and fashion scene, it also carries pieces reminiscent of Woodstock and music festival fashion. Each Summer Soul Gypsy design is guaranteed meticulously and lovingly handcrafted in the Philippines.

They're one of my favorite shops right now that I definitely recommend for indie spirited girls out there. 
Check out these links for more details:

That bootie are meant for long walks, it's light and really comfortable a must must must have! 

Hope you enjoyed this look! Thanks for visiting my blog <3

Quote of the day: "Everyday is too short to let it go to waste"