August 07, 2014

The world changed, not me.

What I learned about blogging is that you have to be yourself always, you don't have to pretend to be someone else in order to fit in. You don't have to wear this and that just so people will like and love you. At the end of the day the most important opinion comes from yourself and not from others. If you're comfortable wearing all black then be it, if you want to be sexy or boyish then go! Don't let people define you, don't let anyone define you. You are beautiful don't ruin your perfect perception about yourself :)

I feel so inspired to write today is it because of Mr. Darcy? Hahahah kidding maybe because of the dress I am wearing. It lightens my mood and literally made my day. Just look at the sunflowers *O* I look like a walking flower pot lol just joking.

 I'm absolutely in love with this bag. Instantly a bohemian look when you wear it *magic* Ching!

I had the chance to wear these babies again wop wop. 

Hype this look:

What I wore:
Dress and bag from:
Glittery oxfords: Forever 21

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