July 22, 2014

Wai! Wai! BIG Kawaii Giveaway!

As curlsandtwirlsph.com blog partner I'm here to share with you the good news about their new official website! Anyhoo, I'm kinda obsessed with kawaii things lately and seeing these prizes make me drool haha. Don't miss this one.

  • The giveaway is open WORLDWIDE, and will run from July 20, 2014 at 8:00 pm (GMT +8) - September 20, 2014 at 11:59 pm (GMT +8).
  • There will be a total of (13) prizes to be given out - (10) consolations, (1) bonus and (2) main prizes.
  • Participants MUST comply to the mandatory steps to qualify for an entry.
  • Bonus points are optional, but HIGHLY recommended, as these will increase your chances to win. :)
  • Participants MUST comment below this post with your details. Treat this as your "attendance sheet". Besides the mandatory steps, we strictly implement a NO COMMENT, NO ENTRY policy. How else would I know of you joining the giveaway if you don't tell me?
  • Prizes are NOT convertible to cash.

Here are the exciting prizes:


1.) Kawaii kitty hat w/ pompoms || Hatah! Hatah!

2.) Glam ear cuff w/ matching stud || Curls & Twirls
3.) Firebolt necklace (Harry Potter) || Fandom Trinkets
4.) Handmade napkin buddy purse || Curls & Twirls
5.) iPhone home button sticker set || Curls & Twirls
6.) The Fault in Our Stars couple rings || Fandom Trinkets
7.) Frozen-inspired bottle cap keychain (Let It Go!) || Hodge Podge
8.) Frozen-inspired bottle cap pen (Snowflake) || Hodge Podge
9.) Dean Winchester's necklace (Supernatural) || Fandom Trinkets
10.) Handmade Pokeball plushie (Pokemon) || Olive Cubes
11.) Kawaii lens case || GWYSHOP
12.) Handmade angel wings || Hatah! Hatah!
13.) Handmade kitty pals bag charm || The Keybie Cafe
14.) Handmade bottled Oreos necklace || Pandora's Box
15.) Handmade cat ear clips || For Isabela
16.) Kawaii mimi headband || Gyaru Shoppe
17.) Kawaii mimi headband || Gyaru Shoppe
18.) Crystal lens set w/ solution and case || GWYSHOP
19.) Geeky glass frames || Curls & Twirls
20.) False eyelashes (1 pair) || GWYSHOP
21.) Shooting star bottle cap necklace || Hodge Podge
22.) Nestle Aero - Green Tea 12's || Tokyo Sweets PH 
23.) 20% OFF discount coupon || Curls & Twirls
1.) Sailor Chibi Moon hat w/ pompoms || Hatah! Hatah!
2.) Glam ear cuff w/ matching stud || Curls & Twirls
3.) Deathly Hallows necklace (Harry Potter) || Fandom Trinkets
4.) Handmade napkin buddy purse || Curls & Twirls
5.) iPhone home button sticker set || Curls & Twirls
6.) Handmade Master Ball plushie (Pokemon) || Olive Cubes
7.) The Fault in Our Stars mismatched earring studs|| Fandom Trinkets
8.) Snow White bottle cap keychain || Hodge Podge
9.) Sakura bottle cap pen || Hodge Podge
10.) Mini devil horn clips || For Isabela
11.) Doraemon ear buds w/ winder || Curls & Twirls
12.) Handmade macaron cluster phone charm || The Keybie Cafe
13.) Pentagram necklace (Supernatural) || Fandom Trinkets
14.) Handmade bottled macarons necklace || Pandora's Box
15.) Kawaii mimi headband || Gyaru Shoppe
16.) Kawaii mimi headband || Gyaru Shoppe
17.) Handmade dark angel wings || Hatah! Hatah!
18.) Camera bottle cap necklace || Hodge Podge
19.) False lower lashes (2 pairs) || GWYSHOP
20.) False eyelashes (2 pairs) || GWYSHOP
21.) Premium! False eyelashes (3 pairs) || GWYSHOP
22.) Japanese Kit Kat - Vanilla Bean 12's || Tokyo Sweets PH 
23.) 20% OFF discount coupon || Curls & Twirls 
1.) Riveel eyeshadow compact || GWYSHOP
2.) Bacon & egg twin bottle cap keychain || Hodge Podge
3.) Kawaii blue birdie hat w/ pompoms || Hatah! Hatah!
4.) Riveel liquid foundation || GWYSHOP
5.) The Ring necklace (Lord of the Rings) || Fandom Trinkets
6.) Afro Ken bottle cap pen || Hodge Podge
7.) Lego brick bottle cap necklace || Hodge Podge
8.) Japanese Kit Kat - Dark Chocolate 12's || Tokyo Sweets PH
9.) Japanese Kit Kat - Strawberry 12's || Tokyo Sweets PH
10.) 20% OFF discount coupon || Curls & Twirls

** This is a Collaboration Giveaway so if you’re joining through my blog, please do the following:**

·         Follow my Blog. (Click "join this site" on the right part of my blog under followers)
·         Follow me on Twitter and Instagram and like my FACEBOOK PAGE!

More Steps for winning!
·         Like/follow Curls & Twirls on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.
·         Like and share our OFFICIAL POSTER on Facebook. Make it PUBLIC so I can check! 
·         Like and comment below your prize of choice (Set A or Set B) with “I want!”.
All steps stated above are equivalent to (1) MANDATORY point. Keep in mind that you must do ALL of them in order to enter the raffle.  Afterwards, COMMENT HERE with your NAMEFACEBOOK IDTWITTER IDINSTAGRAM IDLOCATION (CITY/STATE & COUNTRY), and E-MAIL ADDRESS.  Don’t forget this as well, loves! This will be one major step for checking your entries, again, DO NOT leave a comment in this post but HERE INSTEAD(Click here to see where you’ll leave your comment)
To get more points and increase your chances of winning, you can do any (or ALL, I implore you!) of the following: 
·         Create an account at Curls & Twirls. Simply click the ‘My Account’ tab to register; make sure you enter your name and shipping details via ‘Edit My Address’.(+2)
·         Share your prize of choice (Set A or Set B) via Instagram with the message: “I want to win this set at @curlytwirlyph Wai! Wai! BIG Kawaii Giveaway! http://goo.gl/Y9wuqS #curlytwirlyph #kawaii #kawaiigiveaway #worldwidegiveaway”. (+2)
·         Tweet about this giveaway! Post this on your Twitter account: “Congrats on your new website, @curlytwirlyPH! I’m joining your Wai! Wai! Big Kawaii Giveaway to celebrate. http://goo.gl/Y9wuqS (+1)
·         Along with sharing our OFFICIAL POSTER as a mandatory step, tag your friends as well. Help me spread the word! (+1 per friend, maximum of 5) 
·         Like/follow Hatah! Hatah!GWYSHOPFor IsabelaOlive CubesPandora’s BoxGyaru Shoppe,Fandom TrinketsThe Keybie CafeHodge Podge, and Tokyo Sweets PH on Facebook. (+5 for ALL, not each)

That’s a total of 15 extra points for you right there. :)

If you tried for the bonus entries, please include them in your comment. Don’t forget to include the link or URL if it is applicable to your bonus entry (i.e., URL of post, tweet, etc.)! I will check them meticulously, if you must know. >=3

As stated, the giveaway will end on September 20, 2014 at 11:59 pm (GMT +8). Winners will be chosen via Fruit Machine, and revealed on our official blog the day after. Along with this announcement, I will be sending out e-mails to all the winners. Failure to respond within the next 48 hours will automatically void your entry, which also means that I will be raffling off your slot to another (lucky) person. 

I think that covers everything. For any other questions and concerns, feel free to contact me anytime.
 Again, if you’re joining the giveaway, don’t forget to: 
 1.) Do the MANDATORY steps stated above. 
 2.) Comment HERE with your: NAME, FACEBOOK ID, TWITTER ID, 
 3.) Comment with whatever BONUS ENTRIES you did. 
 Include the LINKS if applicable.

*NOTE: Set C is a BONUS prize only available to the FIRST TEN (10) contestants to complete ALL the steps (mandatory and optional) posted below AND post their entries via comment.

I want the set B! OHMY *o*
So glad to be a part of this huge giveaway.