July 29, 2014

Kawaii Box July 2014 Review

I've been waiting for this kawaii subscription box. Thank goodness it arrived before July ends.  Before anything else here's what you need to knowKawaii box is a monthly subscription service with unique handpicked cute items. Every month they have different theme and items. I'm sure people who collect kawaii items would be super pleased to have a kawaii box filled with cute items from Japan and Korea delivered in front of their door every month. I can hear my 10 year old me screamed while opening the box kyaaaaah ^O^ I'ts funny how I usually wear dark shades and mostly grungy but there's also a huge part in me who really like girly stuff *giggles* 

July’s Kawaii Box included 11 kawaii items!

 Rilakkuma squishy mobile charm - This charm is so cute and literally squishy I must say it also has this bread-like smell that you might want to eat the charm haha.
Strawberry hair clips - Will find ways to wear this without looking silly haha. I mean in my age? I think it doesn't suit me na. 
Strawberry charm - Did i already mention to you guys how deeply and madly in love I am with strawberries? Not only with plushies but also to strawberry prints and flavor ^__^
 Korean Ribbon pluggy - The colors look so cute. It also fits into any standard earphone jack.
 Index stickers - Just look at the cute animals ^O^ Anyways, this would be a great use for me since i love reading books I can now easily mark my favorite parts using these stick marker. 
Macaron eraser - At first glance it looks like a real macaron haha also this eraser splits into thirds how cool is that ?
Panda Mechanical Pencil - This is a very thin pencil; the led is only 0.5mm,I tried it earlier and it has this smooth texture that you'll enjoy while writing. 
 Kawaii Animals sticker set Kawaii Box tends to send out a variety of stationary items, and that includes a lot of stickers.  I love stickers, I collect them hihihi.
 Panda sleep mask - I love pandas this is a great help to sleep easily in the morning when you want to block the sunrays coming out from your window. I can also use this on roadtrips!
 Pink Bear pouch - This is a perfect storage for my make up when travelling. I love the size and the texture.
 Hi-Chew Peach chewy candy - After opening the box I instantly ate this candy. Hi-Chew is a Japanese taffy-like candy, broken into separate pieces. I want more of these!!

And that's it I hope you love the items as much as I did. And the good news is that I'll be giving away a kawaii box so stay tune!