June 16, 2014

Something Gypsy (Featuring Tidestore)

Someone asked me to write something inspirational and now I'm here to pour some of my words of wisdom haha kidding! I'm not good at inspiring people I'm just good at making them laugh and maybe at making them feel better. And ooooops that has nothing to do with my blog post for today. You see I'm in love with this outfit, I feel like I'm a "free soul" something gypsy it is! I love how comfortable maxi dresses are just look at how I can move so freely.

 I'm so loving this head piece from Born Pretty Store, you can buy it HERE

 Just look how happy I am lol.

 Rings from: Rings and Tings and Born Pretty Store

Btw Born Pretty Store have a lot of jewelry and accessories to choose from (click here ). You can use my coupon code GEUT10 for a 10%  discount. Enjoy!

 Necklace from: Your Lovely Breeze
Sorry if the necklace is not that visible in my whole outfit photos T.T but here's a closer look.  And oh btw I always wear this piece it's one of my favorites! Please check out the indicated link above for more unique and handmade pieces from their shop. 

Bag from: Tide Store, you can buy the same exact bag  HERE!

Hope you like the photos, tell me what you think :)
Photographed by: Mika