May 21, 2014

Sleepless Soul

For the past few months I've been literally a sleepless soul. I usually sleep at 3 am then sometimes doesn't sleep at all haa! (zombie mode), you can see the evidence in the photos. Hello eye bags haha but staying up late, blogging, working, meeting new people is worth it and who cares about the big eye bags right? Let's be proud of it lol ! -_-

  As you noticed i really don't post a lot of pictures of me smiling in my blog posts unless, I'm with a funny photographer.

Before ending this post I just want to thank all the people who keep on supporting me (my blog) especially to all my sponsors who believe in me and to what i can offer through blogging. I may not be the best but you guys chose me, so I really am thankful. Ohmy that sounded a little bit Nicholas Sparks-y lol. More reviews soon so stay tune!

Photos by: Kirk and processed by me.

Hope you like the photos, comment what you think below!
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