May 09, 2014

Date in Daet 2014 (Day 2)

I've been to a lot of beaches and Apuao Grande Island Resort is one of the best I've ever been too. If you're looking for a serene and breathtaking scenery why not go here? It's an alternative for Boracay and Calaguas.

Before we went to Apuao we had our breakfast here in Good Chow the food was great especially their tinapa.

Apuao Grande Island Resort is a silently kept gem in Bicol, I always hear it being compared to Calaguas Island both are beautiful and i believe that every place has something special to offer and that makes it unique. The only difference is that Apuao Grande has more shorter travel time by sea so that means its more cheaper and if you really want that "Alone Time" with the white sand vibes i  recommend going here.

We also had a few sharing  to have an idea about each other. I'm talkative and jolly but in this kind of situation i shut off sorry i cant help it haha.

We always take things for granted but let's not forget that God gave us eyes to appreciate what He has given us, that even how chaotic the world may be the're still places like this that exist and make us realize that the place we live in is priceless and beautiful. Look around you, notice the little things and appreciate it :)

I wont ever forget this awesome weekend, I got to learn new stuff, meet new people and discover things. This is probably one of those moments you can treasure and i'm really proud to be a part of this advocacy campaign hope this wont be the last. I just want to thank Ate Apple for all the efforts and for making this possible and to all the people/establishments who sponsored us.


AM Snacks - KICK Milk Tea

Lunch - Bigg's Diner Daet SM Hypermart Branch
PM Snacks - #Kundalini Healthy Cuisine 
Dinner & other arrangements - Mayor Tito Sarte Sarion & LGU #Daet
Breakfast & Boat ride to Apuao Islands - LGU Mercedes 
Lunch - COP 
Dinner - Chef Mama 
Yummy Goodies & Gift Packs - Jannah's Pasalubong