May 08, 2014

Date in Daet 2014 (Day 1)

Warning: Photo heavy

How are you guys? It’s been a while since my last update but I’m here with a lot to tell and a lot to share about my weekend. DATE IN DAET (DiD2014) a tourism advocacy campaign was a great success! I really am proud to be a part of this since I was able to discover new things about my hometown. I usually take things around here for granted and this tourism campaign made me realized how lucky I am to be part of this town.

DATE IN DAET 2014 is a tourism advocacy campaign that aims to provide a getaway for Bloggers to discover and rediscover Daet, a first class municipality in Camarines Norte, as well as foster strong partnerships with different stakeholders. 

 #DiD2014 is primarily a non-profit event that encourages Bloggers & Businesses and others stakeholders to be closer to Daet, to make friends with one another and to reconcile all efforts for a better and progressive society. This is in line with Sole Searching Soul’s purpose of making a difference in a community one trip at a time.   

#DiD2014 wishes to spread the good word online about Daet through the "blogkadas", (bloggers group and their network of friends) by highlighting its places of interests together with the local products & services to tickle the interest of fellow Bicolanos, Filipinos and even foreigners, especially those fun and adventure loving tourists who are also tech-savvy and rely to internet for information.

First stop Capitol Museum!


After that we went to my favorite milk tea place here in Daet: KICK MILK TEA this is actually my favorite "tambayan" when i have a free time from school or if i'm bored and hungry. If you're my follower on instagram you'll see how often i go to this place, i just love their music, talk about indie and of course their variety of milk teas to choose from. They also have sandwiches, cupcakes and more (Blueberry cheesecake and strawberry yakult tea is what i always buy. Its a must try i'm telling you!) The owners are so kind too.

More about kick milk tea: KICK Milk Tea is the first tea shop in Daet, and in the province of Camarines Norte serving delectable and healthy drinks. Each and every KICK Milk Tea drink is freshly prepared when you order, and is made with carefully selected ingredients from Taiwan. Every drink is made with passion, freshly brewed and not made with premixed ingredients. KICK Milk Tea is strategically located at the heart of Daet.

They are loacated at: Vicente Basit, Daet, Camarines Norte

Find them elsewhere:

After that we went to the ever first monument of Rizal:
Had lunch at Biggs Diner! Here are some pictures: 



 Then to Daet Food Producers. This how and where they make pili pie, pili roll and pineapple juice.

 We also went to Bagasbas Beach

Say hello to my date (Danica) anyways some of the photos are still missing will add them asap.
Afternoon snacks was sponsored by Kundalini omg super love their smoothies so healthy and you wont even notice you have veggies in your drink. Jap Chae noodles is a must try too. It's located near Daet Elementary School. I will definitely go back!

More about Kundalini: 

 "Kundalini is the natural energy of the self, that nourishes and awakens it. For those seeking a healthy but tasty alternative, check out the fresh fruit smoothies at Kundalini Healthy Cuisine- Using fresh fruits and vegetables, these refreshing drinks will complement your choice of Vietnamese spring rolls, and a selection of authentic noodle entrees , including pad thai, japchae, or Singaporean. A perfect combination to beat the heat and stay energized. Also available are milk teas and fruit teas, hot and iced coffee, hot herbal teas and panini sandwiches. Kundalini also serves detox juices and vegetable salads.

Mayor Tito Sarion also invited us to have dinner at their house and also to show us his Pineapple Collection, more photos soon. Stay tune!