May 25, 2014

Blank Page

I'm in total blank today, I didn't know what to wear but came up with this outfit haha do you see my dilemma? I look like an Egyptian Goddess a rebel one though. Back to being grungy but with a little twist. I also love the colors of this outfit i love how they mix together and how eye catchy it is. After our shoot we went to the beach (it was unexpected) so people were staring at me since i'm wearing this kind of outfit. People were like: "wth, you wearing tights on the beach? are u kidding me" kind of looks. It was really funny seeing faces like that. One hella experience.

 Head Piece from: Lovely Breeze(Portugal online shop)
Got the head piece 3 weeks ago or 2? The owners are really friendly and approachable they also have a large variety of accessories including this one (its handmade), necklaces, sunnies and more! I'm in love with their product ♥♥ Visit their page for more. 

Photos by: Sam Abiog processed by me!

Can't wait for Ate Sam to post the photographs I took. She told me that it's been really her dream to have a sunset shoot we kinda nailed it haha will also post it here soon! 

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