April 14, 2014

Howdy (Rodeo Festival 2014)

Ever since I was a little kid I always had a dream of being a cowgirl and that dream came true (sort of haha) so my Mom and her office mates , Dad and my Aunt went to Masbate City to experience their Rodeo Festival. It was a 6 hour car ride away and 2 hour fast craft ride from where I actually live.

The following pictures are taken in the Masbate Capitol, look how creative they are. *o*

Say hi to my Aunt!

After that we went to Fazenda da Esperan├ža its a rehabilitation center and at the same time a good place to unwind. It feels like your in New Zealand hihi. They also have different working sectors: Dairy, Rice, Bakery, Vegetable Garden, T-Shirt Printing etc. Through this, the community is earning the money for the daily operations. For more info visit their site CLICK HERE 

Fresh milk <3 You can buy this for only 20 pesos i love the mango flavor. 

At 4pm we went back to the city to watch the bull riding competition it was intense, it was really entertaining though and thank God for a nice spot to watch the live action haha since there's a lot of people were there its really hard to find a good spot to settle down.  

   And that guy won! He did not fell kudos to you kuya haha.
 See I told you, a large crowd indeed.

There's a lot of booths in the said fair but this one is my favorite. Book stalls <3 Ahhhh i could stay there for hours hihi i bought six books. 

I ended the day right. It was tiring but all worth it I'm thinking of going back next year and maybe staying a little longer. It's really a nice place to drift away from your life for a short period of time and got to experience a different perspective about some certain things. I miss travelling, I've been staying in my house for the past weeks (talk about laziness) but thanks to my mom for she was able to convince me to join her.I hope you guys are having a blast this summer,don't just curl up in your bed you should go outside, explore the world and enjoy your vacation. Cant wait for my next adventure! 

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