March 18, 2014

The Silence Goes for Miles

Got the title from Ian's blog ( I just love his words, I love how it breaks me and complete me at the same time. I love the way he writes,  it feels like he literally wrote it for me. Check out his blog for more info about his books. For now let me share some few lines from him in this blog post *o* Hope he'll inspire you too :)

If you want to make someone cry, make them think of every person who hurt them. If you want to destroy someone, make them think of every person who they have hurt.

You forget that even the strongest person to ever live had a weakest day of their life.

It doesn't hurt because if you keep hurting the same part of you again and again and again, the nerve endings all die. And when that happens, that part of you goes numb. That's why it doesn't hurt. Don't be proud of it.

(Everything is better in black and white haha and more dramtic *u*)

 Never complain that you haven't been given things to say. One day the world will destroy itself, and you will drown in the words you didn't think you had.

I keep wondering, how many people do you need to be, before you can become yourself.

Even if you write down everything that's ever crossed your heart, there will still come a day when none of your words can explain how you feel.

Dress your heart and mind in what you love, fill your eyes with wonder and chase the things that inspire and delight you. For in you, is where I still live.

Sorry if the lines has nothing to do with the pictures, i just feel like sharing his words to you. Anyways, I love how the photos turned out, it was all edited in vscocam (you can download it on appstore) because my photoshop is not working dayumm. UGH but hopefully you liked it. Also I'll be doing a lot of product reviews soon so stay tune! Btw can you tell me something about the lines that you read above? Just comment below ♥

What I wore:

Shirt and leggings: Greenhills
Shoes: Converse
Cap: Romwe

Photos by: Dianne (She owns a blog na click the link)