March 20, 2014

Shoe Wishlist for March 2014

I'll be doing wish lists from now on. So let me tell you about this awesome shop I just discovered a few days ago. Dressale was founded in 2008, its a leading china-based company that offers customer made products they focused on wedding dresses, and special occasion dresses. But what i love about their shop is their variety of shoes in affordable yet high quality products. This shop is known as the well trusted shop and the source of the best goods for us and at the same time, ensure the best price, they also offer the best customer support and fast delivery in almost every country in this planet. How cool is that huh ?

I've been eyeing this creepers since the moment i find out about their shop gahhh! Please click the links for more info :">

  1. Masterpiece Double Sole Creeper Shoes with Colorful Patterns
  2. Fashionable Double-sole Creeper Shoes with Geometric Patterns
  3. Bold Lace-up Platform Creeper with Round Studs

So tell me what you think about my wishlist ? Aren't they perfect ? Super worth buying and having for aren't they? Cant wait to have one of those. Visit Dressale for more!