March 22, 2014

She moves in her own way

Thought this day wont be productive. Actually, I thought this month wont be productive haha a lot of things happened and so far I'm enjoying it, so far everything is doing great yay *u* 

Super love the tights that I got from brave store, the parcel arrived two days ago and i got so excited to post about it so here i am haha. (Buy it here) I've been a fan of their shop ever since, I love the quality and how comfortable it is, visit their shop for more <3

I move in my own way, I guess this is the other part of me where people get so confused. I can be witty and be serious from time to time and I don't know how is that possible lol I'm just who I am. And I just appreciate those people who understands this side of me. Cheerios~ 

Photos taken by Dianne and processed by me!

   Hope you like the photos, btw I made a Mixtape please find time to listen to it CLICK HERE <3