March 06, 2014

Old days

This place is one of my favorites! I remember the old days just by seeing the beach, hearing the waves and how the air blows my hair. This place is actually one of my hideouts when I was in high school and I cant stop myself from going back. 

I was with Dianne again she's one of the best person I could ever photographed! She's still working on her blog so for now I cant put her blog link here. Anyways we ate at Catherines with Mika.

Cutie patooties hihi, after we ate we went by the shore to collect shells and i saw this two playing. Childhood flashbacks I used to be like that huhuhu i miss being a kid.

 If only I could go back to the old days I would, but that's impossible so let just enjoy every moment because everything is happening way too fast. Let's appreciate every little things when we have it, live without regrets, do what you have to do and you like to do. Because we don't have enough time. Make the most of it!