August 28, 2013

To love and back

Washday wednesday. In a closet full of clothes I always have a hard time picking what to wear. So uhm yeahh I ended up with this comfy clothes that I usually wear everyday when I go out.

This cutie patootie earrings are sponsored by: Yellow Sparklers actually they sent me more stuffs but I chose not to post it here I'm going to make a separate appreciation and thank you post for them ( yes they're special :) ) And because of these earrings I come up with the title " To love and Back " hihi actually that's a song from my favorite band oh well. Too much talking haha

Dont forget to visit Yellow Sparklers for amazing and affordable accessories you can also contact them easily plus their service was really great , easy transaction swear!

What I wore:

Top , bag : Thrifted
Sandals: Rubi 
Earrings: Yellow Sparklers

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