August 11, 2013


It was a summer vibe kinda day so I decided to held the photo shoot at the beach. Oh how I love the sound of the waves plus it really gives me this calming feels. Hihi , anyhoo I was so uninspired that day so I didn’t know what to wear so I ended up with the basics. Plain top, shorts and a flower crown to complete the outfit and make it girly.

The poses omg haha I’ve been doing a lot of this lately , I should make this my signature post , what do you think ? I just realized this one while looking and reviewing my photos and outfit posts then just now while typing this I made up the title for this pose lol. Its called “Smiling while not looking”

^ this photo is my favorite. 

The last two photos are love haha i look like a fairy in a lost paradise. Tehee *u* Anyhoo  have a great week guys and hope you like the photos.