August 28, 2013

To love and back

Washday wednesday. In a closet full of clothes I always have a hard time picking what to wear. So uhm yeahh I ended up with this comfy clothes that I usually wear everyday when I go out.

This cutie patootie earrings are sponsored by: Yellow Sparklers actually they sent me more stuffs but I chose not to post it here I'm going to make a separate appreciation and thank you post for them ( yes they're special :) ) And because of these earrings I come up with the title " To love and Back " hihi actually that's a song from my favorite band oh well. Too much talking haha

Dont forget to visit Yellow Sparklers for amazing and affordable accessories you can also contact them easily plus their service was really great , easy transaction swear!

What I wore:

Top , bag : Thrifted
Sandals: Rubi 
Earrings: Yellow Sparklers

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August 27, 2013

Bazooka Rocks 2

This year is one of the best set of bands ever. I've been longing to see A Rocket to the Moon since grade 7 and finally I saw them performed live.  Gahhhh best night ever I enjoyed other bands as well Tonight Alive , We Came as Romans, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus , Anberlin and All Time Low. Here are some of my shots hope you guys like it :)

I really didnt expect that Im going to watch Bazooka with my bestest friend and soul sister! Omg Chin thanks for spending this awesome experience with me. Will count months again for us to see each other again , Damn it (upper pic )
Say Hi to stef. Chin's blogger friend glad to meet her omg she's the coolest!

RJA, Tonight Alive and All Time low are one of the best bands I adore. Jenna was so perfect huhuhu and I ship Jack and alex hahahha so gay I love them! Cant utter words to describe how I felt that night. Its one of the best night of my life that's for sure!

I got so emotional when Nick Santino started singing , tears streamed down my face and I just cant help it. I realized that they changed me in a good way , they inspire me and they will always have a part in my heart. I love them half to death. And I will do everything to see them play as a group again. I don't want them to break up, just the thought of it makes me wanna cry. That night was the best and saddest night ever. People were shouting "Dont break up, don't break up" because who the fvck want them to break up right ? Ughh. Their songs has been my remedy for  5 consecutive years and still counting. Thank you so much A rocket to the moon. Philippines love you. I love you!

And hey ANDREW COOK signed my phone, the drummer of ARTTM! How cool is that ? tehee *u* Cried, shout , sang , jump , got hurt (physically) all in one night. And it was all worth it . Looking forward to attend 8123 tour this January 2014 omg! The Maine and This Century!

Also I got featured on Philippine Star (find me guys) , thank you Lee xx

August 21, 2013

If I could

What's with the title ? I was just surfing the net and bump with that phrase and it hit me. If I could what ? Take it all back ? Change something from the past ? Yes definitely. If only I could correct all the mistakes I've done, I would. But hey it has nothing to do with my post haha. Being too dramatic eh ? Lol

I feel like a nature person. Cant help it that's how my backyard look like. Forest! Awesome right ? Lol good for photoshoot purposes no need to go to other places.

Hope you like the pictures.Tehee *u*

What I wore:
Ring : Forever 21
Floral Crown: Bizarre Fete

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August 11, 2013


It was a summer vibe kinda day so I decided to held the photo shoot at the beach. Oh how I love the sound of the waves plus it really gives me this calming feels. Hihi , anyhoo I was so uninspired that day so I didn’t know what to wear so I ended up with the basics. Plain top, shorts and a flower crown to complete the outfit and make it girly.

The poses omg haha I’ve been doing a lot of this lately , I should make this my signature post , what do you think ? I just realized this one while looking and reviewing my photos and outfit posts then just now while typing this I made up the title for this pose lol. Its called “Smiling while not looking”

^ this photo is my favorite. 

The last two photos are love haha i look like a fairy in a lost paradise. Tehee *u* Anyhoo  have a great week guys and hope you like the photos.