May 14, 2013

Take me away

It feels like I'm in a different place. I just love how the picture turned out. And finally Mr. Sun finally came, we've been waiting for him for like 3 days.
Ate Jamie really did a good job taking pictures of me, just like what I've said on my other post I don't really take photo shoots seriously yet she still capture me in the best way she can. Isn't it obvious? The pictures are really pretty and amazing.

That's the awkward me, I really have fun in this shoot. One of the best!

I just love everything, the place look really nice even though I have a hard time posing(haha) because their are many people walking by and looking at me and I'm not really used to that. Haha but someday I will. 

This is my favorite photo ,yay fot the basket and the flowers I'm holding hihi.

What I wore:
Dress: Tideshe
Ring: Rings and Tings
Oxfords: Forever 21

Styling & Photography: Jamie Lou Borile