May 29, 2013


I missed wearing skirts. Anyways rainy days are coming so hello sweater weather, i'm so excited to wear sweaters, its been a while. Looking forward to that.

Yay for jump shots , though my necklace messed everything up. Oh no!

One of my favorite rings :) From forever 21

Glittery Oxfords yay 

Also I got to meet a blogger friend of mine, who knew that i will have a photoshoot with her? She's from my hometown as well. Hi sherrie if you're reading this I just want you to know that it was really nice meeting you. Photoshoot again soon aye? :)

What I wore:

Top and skirt: Thrifted
Ring and oxfords : Forever 21
Satchel bag: Kissaholic Manila

May 22, 2013

Its raining sunshine

It was literally raining that day but the sun is still visible. Weird huh ? I really thought this shoot with Danica will never happen since our sched. is pretty messed up lately. Nah just kidding, im just busy reading books and blogging about none sense stuffs. 

I love the place plus its hassle free.. And the best part is , is that you can take your outfit post everywhere, since the place is really wonderful.

This is my " kunwaring hindi nakatingin look" Im very fond of doing this lately , i think its alluring haha.

Im really looking forward to have a shoot with Danica  again, really missed her. After almost 2 years we finally met again I never imagined myself having a photo shoot with her. I mean I never imagine myself 2 years ago doing these things today. So glad to have a friend like her. Thank you for the great day! Check out my blog about her HERE

What I wore:
Vest: Sm Department Store
Dress: Thrifted
Ring: Rings and Tings
Bracelet : Cutie Patooties
Shoes: Celine

Photos taken by: Danica Lukban

May 16, 2013


I finally know how to use photoshop haha after 23261 years

original photo

Tadaaah , so proud of myself. Though I only use curves.

May 14, 2013

Take me away

It feels like I'm in a different place. I just love how the picture turned out. And finally Mr. Sun finally came, we've been waiting for him for like 3 days.
Ate Jamie really did a good job taking pictures of me, just like what I've said on my other post I don't really take photo shoots seriously yet she still capture me in the best way she can. Isn't it obvious? The pictures are really pretty and amazing.

That's the awkward me, I really have fun in this shoot. One of the best!

I just love everything, the place look really nice even though I have a hard time posing(haha) because their are many people walking by and looking at me and I'm not really used to that. Haha but someday I will. 

This is my favorite photo ,yay fot the basket and the flowers I'm holding hihi.

What I wore:
Dress: Tideshe
Ring: Rings and Tings
Oxfords: Forever 21

Styling & Photography: Jamie Lou Borile

Bermuda Triangle

It was supposed to be a sunrise photo shoot, but I woke up around 11 am , lazy ass I know. I decided to wear something different today, since I usually wear skirts and girly clothes. Its nice to get out of your comfort zone sometimes.

 My cousin didn't have a hard time taking pictures of me since I'm really  doing this seriously today! Ha! For the first time. I never take my photo shoots seriously I always laugh so hard that's why my photographer always have a hard time taking good shots of me.

What I wore:
Top : Chicnova
Leggings: Romwe
Cap: Romwe
Rings: Rings and tings
Shoes: Rubi