October 13, 2016


Edressuk.co.uk is the world's leading online wedding apparel destination.  Edressuk's goal is to provide complete one-stop shopping for all brides, bridesmaids and all special occasion events. they strive to provide you with the most current selection, the most complete size range (1-Petite to 54W, custom made ), the best prices and the largest variety of styles.
Edressuk.co.uk has its own wedding apparel factory . They are family owned and operated. Their factory have been specialize in producing wedding apparel and special occasion dress over 10 years, has more than 100 employees; among them are many professional designers & technicians. Their product are all made by the best material, such as the satin fabric (Italian , Japan, Taiwan), Bead and sequin (Austria, Japan, Taiwan) swarovski crystal (Austria, czech).
So let me show you some of my favorite picks from their shop to give you ideas on what they offer! I hope you like it!
Let's start with Cheap Prom Dresses UK
A-line Bateau Floor-length Chiffon  - I just really love the details of this one, the touch of gold and the embroidery on the top. Very Elegant I'll definitely wear this if given a chance to attend a prom once again hihi. 

A-line Floor-length Tulle - Very simple yet stunning, I just love how this one would look when worn by all the girls out there. Very chic! 

Now for the Evening Dresses UK
Straps Floor-length Tulle - Love the soothing color and the length, perfect for formal events

V-neck Elastic Woven Satin - Very elegant perfect for dinner events and gala's. And who doesn't like green right ?
Sweetheart Sweep/Brush Train Elastic Woven Satin - Very sexy and a head turner gown. I think the color red makes you more sexier. 

And that's it. Let me know what you think. Anyways most of their dresses/gown are on sale, what I also love about this shop is that they have a large variety of colors to choose from and you can customized every details you want for your gown. Sobe sure to check them out to find the most gorgeous pieces. Be stunning and always strive to be gorgeous in every event you'll attend to, choose Edressuk.co.uk <3

October 07, 2016

Stylewe xx STS

Hi guys! I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite online shop where I spend most of my time scrolling and looking for perfect outfits! Stylewe.com .  Today I'll be sharing some of my top picks from their shop in the blouses section and some of their coats. But first let me give you a short introduction about this shop. StyleWe is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers. They're committed to providing their shoppers with original, high quality and exclusive fashion products from independent designers. They believe that fashion should be personal and diversified. As they say "Every customer should truly enjoy Designers at Your Fingertips"

As a graduating student I'm so excited to enter the corporate world. Here are some of my pegs:

                                                                       2.  Eden Society

                                                                       5. ZIYI

You can browse for more blouses HERE

Coats! <3

                                                                                                   1. QILI                                       2. NEXIIA

And that's it also visit their youtube channel CLICK HERE for updates and some styling tips. 
Have a great day guys :)

August 05, 2016

July Favorites

 I've been spending a lot lately. NO REGRETS THOUGH! Make up has been my happy pill, so whenever I get frustrated about certain things I just watch make up tutorials, read blogs and shop online. Now let's talk about the things I got for the month of July.
 Who doesn't love Colourpop? Ever since I tried using them I just can't stop. It's addictive. My cousin and I hoard products from them, we ordered directly on their site and have it delivered to a friend in the US. We waited one month for these babies to arrived. All for the love of make up!
 Here's what I got. Avenue , Limbo and Prim. I also have the shades tulle and beeper but didn't include it here snaaap. 
 From left to right: Avenue, Limbo , Prim 
 Left to right: Smoke n Whistles (get it here) Between the Sheets (get it here)
I've been using BTS for a while now and it's really perfect for your everyday use. 

 I also hoard products from Beautymnl.com I just love their site! It's not only a place where you can order beauty products they also have  a lot of articles/tips that can help us to know better about the things we buy online.There's a lot of reviews as well from the buyers so you can never go wrong about the things you order from them. All in all it was a hassle free transaction! Thumbs up beautymnl. 
 Contour blush and bronzing powder from ElfFeatures a blush and contouring bronzer; blush adds dimension and a flush of color; bronzer accentuates cheekbones and other areas of your bone structure

 Get it here
 Twin apricot precison blender by Swan Lightly blends and applies liquid or cream formulas; suitable for foundations concealers, bronzers, blush, and contouring products; large “apricot” applies makeup in hard-to-reach areas of the face; mini “apricot” is just the right size for detail work and fine finishing touches

Get it here

 V-Face Blush Contour by Maybelline Contains a color-coordinated blush, contouring shade, and highlighter; adds the appropriate amount of color back into the face post-contouring and -highlighting; can be used to create definition or bring out your rosy cheeks

Get it here

 Bold Brow Eyebrow Powder Kit by City Color Soft powders leave a matte finish; lets you create ultra-defined, sculpted brows; dual complementary shades help you create custom, natural color

Get it here

Bangin Brunette Pencil by colourpop Get it here